Professional meetings

Lab 18 will reach out broadly to professional groups related to laboratory activities. In this way, we create the most important meeting place for laboratory personnel.

At Lab 18, we will also be arranging a number of professional meetings organised by various professional groups and environments. Some groups have been with us for many years, whilst others have joined us more recently.

The following groups joined us at the last Lab event:

NITO Norwegian Institute of Biomedical Science
NITO Norwegian Institute of Biomedical Science is one of the groups that really has been with us for a very long time. They hold several professional meetings at Lab, such as Leader days, Network meetings and workshops in quality assurance, along with courses covering current themes.

Norwegian Chemical Society
The Norwegian Chemical Society arranges its National Chemistry Conference at Lab. At Lab 14, eight professional groups within the Norwegian Chemical Society arranged their own meetings as part of the national conference. Organic chemistry – Analytical chemistry – Colloid and macromolecular chemistry – Quantum chemistry and modelling – History of chemistry – Chemistry education – Inorganic chemistry and Material chemistry – Food chemistry.

Autumn Conference in Microbiology
The autumn conference in microbiology is a 2-day conference. Ahus (Akershus University Hospital) was responsible for the autumn conference at Lab 14. In 2018, the invitation is being extended by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Association MIKRO
In 2014, the Microbiological association for animal feed and food analysis laboratories held a 3-day MIKRO seminar and came on a one-day visit to Lab.

Norwegian Society of Medical Biochemistry
NSMB is a society within the Norwegian Medical Association that takes care of the scientific area of the professional field of medical biochemistry. They have arranged a lunch seminar at Lab for members for a number of years.

Norwegian Society for Pharmacology and Toxicology
Norwegian Society for Pharmacology and Toxicology held professional meetings for members.

Tekna Biotek
Tekna Biotek arranged a leader course and invited to a general informal meeting for members.

In addition, the exhibitors invited delegates to shorter professional seminars and product presentations.

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